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Innomed Quantum-ION V3 Reusable Fabric Antiviral & Antibacterial Scientific Proven 3ply Face Mask - Nextage

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Quantum-Ion antibacterial mask proved scientifically can kill 99.99% of COVID-19 in 1 minute, in both clean & dirty environment. A high-quality reusable mask powered by Quantum-ION antimicrobial coating technology.

Disahkan berkesan oleh makmal Universiti Malaya selain digunakan di pelbagai sektor awam dan swasta termasuk hospital, universiti dan syarikat korporat.  

Bukan sahaja bertindak sebagai penapis malah turut mampu MENGHAPUSKAN virus dan bakteria yang terperangkap dengan teknologi terkini SEPANJANG MASA -

 The World’s First “Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation” 

-Destroy 99.99% of viruses in 1 MINUTE!!!!!! 

-Reusable washable 50X without its properties  

-Sustainable replaces 350 disposable masks  

-Constant HYGIENE constant 24 hours disinfection reduces cross infection 

-Virus & bacteria elimination layer 

-Face cooling + virus & bacteria elimination layer 

-Wash 1 time per week 

-"Extra protection for 3layers" extra for middle layer protection) 

-Polypropylene Melt Blown Non-woven (material used in N95 masks)  

-Filters particle pollution (solid & liquid droplets found in air) 

- ISO 18184

QUANTUM-ION MASK is a high quality 3 Ply reusable mask powered by Quantum-ION antimicrobial coating technology. The World’s First “Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation” mask, combining the effects of Titanium Dioxide, Nano Silver & Copper Ionic and Tourmaline crystal to neutralize & eliminate airborne allergens such as Viruses, Bacteria, Odours & Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) permanently. Fusion resonance technology produces resonance energy that further increases the effects of the active ingredients. 

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