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Aweld Portable Oxygen Inhaler 500ml - Nextage

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1 bottle : 500ml

Oxygen purity: ≥99.5%

Structure composition: The product is composed of inhaler tank, connecting valve, breathing mask, button and oxygen.

Scope of application: Mainly suitable for families, outdoor travel, plateau hypoxia and other people.

Contraindications: Those who are allergic to oxygen, hyperoxemia

Benefit of Breathing Oxygen :

- Helps in concentration and memory for students

- Helps in recovery post exercise

- Promotes health & wellness in elderly

- Improves sports performance and endurance

- Remedy for altitude sickness

- Helps during air pollution


  1.  Press trigger to spray a short burst of oxygen into nose or mouth while inhaling deeply.
  2.  Exhale normally and do not hold your breath.


Usage: Take 3 to 5 inhalations per application or as required. Always administer oxygen to children under the supervision of an adult. If Continue press only can last 3 minutes!

* It is strictly prohibited to contact with kerosene, please store in a cool dry place
* Do not place it the reach of children
* This product is not a substitute for drugs; One-time use, can’t be refilled
* Please use it up as soon as possible after opening the package, and please dispose of thoughtfully

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