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Nova Roselle + Flavonoids + Vitamin C Long Acting Tablet - Nextage

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Look And Feel Great With Nature-Inspired Vitamin C

Boost immune system and improve skin health. Gentle to stomach (suitable for gastric patient).

Roselle + Flavonoids + Vitamin C Long Acting Tablet is a combination of Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and natural plant extract as found naturally in fruits and vegetables. It is a synergistic combination of essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants for maintaining a good health.

30 tablets 

Adults: 1 tablet to be taken orally once daily after meal.

Vitamin C plays significant roles in our body, including the regulation of immune responses and healthy maintenance of the blood vessel and skin. Without adequate intake of vitamin C, our body could not function well, developing health issues like frequent sickness, early skin aging and heart diseases, the silent killer. 

Hence, daily supplementation of vitamin C is highly essential as we are not able to get sufficient amount from our daily diet. Buffered Roselle Vit C Plus SR Tablet is the ultimate nature-inspired Vitamin C formula to let you feel your best and stay healthy even during your hectic and stressful lifestyle.

Nature delivers vitamin C in the colourful packages of fruits for many reasons. Science has found that vitamin C shows higher activity and potency when taken together with plant antioxidants, exactly how they exist together in nature. Two of these plant antioxidants that work the best with vitamin C are bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, delivering the health benefits on immunity, blood vessel, and skin.

Inspired by nature, Buffered Roselle Vit C Plus SR Tablet is a combination of vitamin C with roselle and bioflavonoids as found in nature that gives you the optimal protection. The sustained-release formulation ensures your body receive the daily vitamin C requirement hour after hour with all-natural plant components, maintaining an optimal level of this nutrients over 12 hours. This gentle formulation containing vitamin C that is buffered with minerals which makes it more comfortable for the sensitive stomachs.

  • Sustained-release formula - optimized absorption for 12-hours protection.
  • Whole fruit concept - synergistic action for enhanced protection.
  • Gastric-friendly buffered formula - gentle on the stomach.
  • Standardized extract - Consistent dose and effectiveness in every tablet.

Each 1200mg sustained release tablet contains:

Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate dihydrate)500 mg
Rutin36 mg
Quercetin14 mg
Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle) Calyx Extract50 mg

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